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September 19, 2020

You too (fitness center, at the very least 40 physical physical fitness, purchase a membership) how will you know? 3)you too (fitness center, at the least 40 physical physical fitness, buy a membership) how will you know? And concerning the locker space offers you an overall total of 10kp concerning the locker room also unlocks her telephone number Unlocks Hanna in game 4)not wasting water (gymnasium, at the very least 50 physical physical fitness, training, at least 20lp) I mind allows you to skip the big event (you bloody idiot! ) 3.2.9 Kleio (patreon exclusive) 1) defrost the ice queen (between 14 and 15u, at the least 10lp) select the stone music for a result that is good kissing 2) tattoo (between 17 and 18u, at the least 20lp) Unlocks dating 3)is the recorder on? (studio, at the least 75lp, Kleio has to be here) Enjoy! 3.2.10 Lexi 1)honey trap (map, between 22 and 4u, at the least 1 week played, at the least 250$) ( general general general public variation) should you want to beat Danny you will need 50 fitness, 25 when you have the fighting styles ability in the event that you lose after that your stats fall and you also lose 500$ 2)revenge sucks (nightclub) it truly does, does it not? 3)going for the swim (family area, between 20 and 0u, Sasha and Bree are not into the space) Unlocks Lexi for normal game play Unlocks kissing Unlocks dating Side-events Jack and Lexi: 1) date interrupted (on a night out together with Lexi in the shopping mall, at the least 75lp) 2) pimping made effortless (between 16 and 17u, 5% chance) state not and okay to keep this course (now where’s my feather cap and cane! ) 3) well that has been simple (speaking with Lexi, 5% possibility ) You lose 10lp (along with your immortal soul, you heathen! ) Minor events: 1) medication breasts (park, between 0 and 5u, at the least 75lp) 3.3: General Recommendations – once you have acquired enough lp become permitted into the restroom alongside Bree you’ll be able to go your security to 7u – avoid viewing television with Sasha at 19, it will take 2 hours and hence you miss evening meal time (and therefore lacking you Bree points) – in Samantha’s wedding course you can purchase a cookbook, giving you the cooking ability – you can get clothes and add-ons into the clothing shop and equip them in your bed room (head to stock when you look at the sidebar), you are able to equip one bit of clothes and 1 accessory at exactly the same time – swimsuit (garments shop, 150$) lets you swim into the pool during hot months which provides you +1 fitness, it unlocks having fun with girls into the pool, moreover it raises your physical fitness feature by 10 in the event that you equip it, in the event that you begin in a hot month then I will suggest getting it asap – sporting clothing (clothing shop, 150$) lets you jog into the park gives you +1 fitness, in addition it unlocks the fitness center where you could spend 100$ for 30 days, the heavy exercise offers you an enormous boost in physical fitness: in addition it raises your physical fitness feature by 10 in the event that you equip it, in the event that you come from a cool month then I would suggest getting hired asap – fancy clothing (clothes store, 150$) increases your charm by 10 (despite our choice, the leather-based coat raises just 5 for 100$), moreover it offers you use of the nightclub and fancy restaurant date – the tweed blazer (clothing shop, 100$) could be the only clothes which raises your knowledge (+5), the rest either raise fitness or charm – the training machines work by each having to be able to raise their feature by 1 in the event that you fall asleep – you cannot supply the woman’s presents once they’re at the job or studying (you can not for instance give Sasha the spiked collar right away if she is here) – times are not constantly advantageous to all sorts of woman, simply because one woman did not like the majority of associated with the tasks doesn’t invariably imply that them all will not 3.4: Clothing Each little bit of clothing and accessory that adds 5 to a trait will definitely cost 100$ and each that adds 10 to a trait will cost 200$ Dependent on the characteristics associated with the girls each little bit of clothes and accessory you wear has the possibility of including 1 to your dpl, if numerous faculties connect with the exact same woman then both will count(for instance on Sasha the fabric coat features a 40% possibility of gaining 1lp and 20% possibility of 2 lp) Clothing: Fancy garments, charm +10, pacifist (20%), princess (20%) (also unlocks the nightclub location therefore the dinner that is fancy) Leather jacket, charm+5, submissive (20%), rebel (20%) Tweed blazer, knowledge+5, bookworm (20%) household (20%) perspiration jeans, fitness+5, sportsy (20%), principal (20%) Funny shirt, charm+5, geek (20%) playful (20%) army fatigues, charm+5 submissive (20%) gourmand (20%) Sport garments, fitness+10 sportsy (30%) (also unlocks the gymnasium location additionally the run into the park task) Swimsuit, fitness+10 sportsy (30%) (also unlocks the waterpark location, the waterpark date and swim and sunbathe in the pool tasks) Add-ons: Luxury watch, charm +10, pacifist (20%), princess (20%) Cool sunglasses, charm+5, submissive (20%), rebel (20%) Geeky pen, knowledge+5, bookworm (20%) household (20%) Sport footwear, fitness+5 sportsy (20%) principal (20%) Funny badge, charm+5, geek (20%) playful (20%) army boots, charm+5 submissive (20%) gourmand (20%) 3.5: Dates Cinema: 30$ initial cost, afternoon and evening • occasions: there is a 5% possibility that a member of staff will say to you that there is no longer destination, you may either attempt to persuade him or bribe him winning points with all the woman then +5ds, random chat initiated by the girl • Watch movie: if the girl has cinema in her favourites you’ll gain double lp, if the girl has movie in her favourites you’ll gain 1.5 times the lp During the movie you can choose to play with the girl a bit, if your charm + the girl’s lp 63 then you can do all actions, if the girl has trait slutty then +5ds per action Personal opinion: good cheap date for Samantha and Lexi if you’re let in, you can also sneak in gaining 2lp if the girls has the trait: rebel • Buy popcorn: 10$, once per day, if the girl has trait gourmand. Fancy supper: night, calls for fancy clothing • Order on her: if the lady has trait submissive then +1lp, 1lp or even you are going to lose -5lp • Eat: +1lp, in case the charm therefore the girls lp is high enough: +1lp, random talk initiated by the girl • Pay for both: 100$, in the event that girl has trait: submissive, principal, princess or bad you will gain +1lp, otherwise nothing • Put your hand on hers: in case the charm plus the girls lp is sufficient (at the least 50 together): +1lp, or even -5lp Personal viewpoint: personal favourite for Sasha, also great for Audrey Home: afternoon and evening • Chat on sofa: random talk initiated by the girl • Watch tv: +1lp • Swim when you look at the pool: (just in spring or summer, calls for swimsuit) +1lp • Make some treats: +1lp, random chat initiated by the woman • Enjoy on the system (requires z-box) then lp+1, if girl has trait playfull then lp+1, if not lp-1 • Play guitar: (requires skill: guitar) lp+1 if girl has trait rebel then lp+2 if girl has trait geek • Enjoy boardgames: then lp+1, if girl has trait playful then lp+1, if not lp-1 Personal opinion: good cheap one for Bree and Samantha if girl has trait geek

You too (fitness center, at the very least 40 physical physical fitness, purchase a membership) how will you know? 3)you too (fitness center, at the least […]
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